Discuss the external sources of recruitment

In this post, we will discuss the external sources of recruitment. External sources of recruitment are the external sources from which companies hire people for various positions. Companies are focusing more than ever on recruiting the right employees. Having the right employees in the right positions is essential to strengthening the firm’s competitive advantage and … Read more

What are the barriers to teamwork and how to overcome them?

Collaboration is the key to producing great work across all industry sectors. In various sectors, where the industry environment has grown highly competitive, companies are focusing on team work and collaboration to grow their growth rate and become successful. Teamwork is also considered essential to achieving fast paced innovation. Leaders across organizations strive to achieve … Read more

How to Promote Higher Employee Happiness

Employee satisfaction and happiness can be key to business success. The human resources of a company are among its more important assets and capabilities. It is why their satisfaction and happiness are key to achieving long term success. Leaders and business managers must figure out how to keep their employees happy to maintain higher competitiveness … Read more

Teamwork and Its Benefits

The traditional organizational structures are changing and companies are moving from functional structures to team based organizational structures to gain higher efficiency and productivity. Leaders are focusing on teamwork across organizations to establish a healthier culture and improve the productivity of their organizations. Market dynamics have changed a lot and customer demands and preferences are … Read more

Team based organizational structure and its benefits

Fast changing market dynamics and business environment worldwide have forced businesses to focus on rapid innovation to grow their market share and customer base. Businesses are also focusing on redesigning themselves in order to maintain their competitiveness. Apart from the decentralization of authority and moving towards being a customer driven company, businesses are also focusing … Read more

How to maximize job satisfaction?

Contents Steps to maximize job satisfaction Create an appropriate work environment Involve employees in decision making Employee training and career growth Improve your work culture Communicate with your employees regularly Recognize your employees’ contribution Care for your employees’ well being Focus on performance management Implement a system to measure job satisfaction A few last words … Read more

How is organizational culture linked with job satisfaction?

Organizational culture is linked with organizational performance. It is among the most critical drivers of worker productivity, research has highlighted. It plays an imminent role in driving faster growth for both small and large organizations. However, apart from the other factors, culture is known to play a distinctive role in maximizing worker satisfaction and strengthening … Read more

How micromanagement hurts worker productivity?

Micromanagement is identified as one of the leadership flaws that can hurt worker productivity. While it is generally easy for managers and leaders to cultivate the tendency, most do not care to measure the impact it has on worker morale and productivity.   There are very few workers who would claim they like being micromanaged. Most … Read more

Discuss the importance of employee empowerment and steps to empower employees.

Contents what is employee empowerment? Benefits of employee empowerment. How to empower your employees? What is employee empowerment? Human resource management has acquired critical importance for organizations in the 21st century. Companies are investing more in hiring and training their employees. The focus on managing employees strategically to motivate and retain them has increased. Employees … Read more