• BMW Vehicle Sales

    The chart above displays the unit sales of vehicles by BMW group including unit sales by individual brands in the group from 2017 to 2023. In fiscal 2023, the BMW group experienced an impressive increase in total unit sales compared to the prior year. The company sold total 2554,183 units of vehicles or 6.4% higher…

  • BMW Group Net Sales

    In 2023 again, the BMW group experienced impressive growth in total net sales. The company generated total 155.5 billion Euros in total net sales of 9% higher compared to the prior year. Its total revenue from the automobiles segment remained 132.3 billion Euros or 7% higher compared to the prior year. In 2022, BMW group…

  • Microsoft Partners Axel Springer

    Microsoft Partners Axel Springer SE to Create Innovative AI Driven Solutions Microsoft and Axel Springer SE have entered a multifaceted partnership that is aimed at leveraging modern technologies including AI and Cloud technology to support independent journalism across the globe. The partnership also extends to content and advertising. The two brands have an existing partnership…

  • Apple SWOT ANALYSIS 2024

    Apple SWOT Analysis Apple is a leader in the technology sector and among the largest tech brands based on market capitalization. It is facing intense competition from several smartphone and computing businesses, but the tech giant has successfully maintained its competitive edge. The company is recognized by its distinct culture and a strong focus on…

  • Ford Motors UK Revenue

    The chart above displays the net revenue of Ford Motors from the United Kingdom market from 2013 to 2022 in millions of US dollars. In fiscal 2023, Ford Motors experienced a growth of $748 million in its total net sales from the UK market compared to the prior year. The company generated total $8,968 million…

  • Harms of Advertising for consumers and society

    Advertising is generally seen as a business activity whose aim is to create demand for businesses. A large number of companies including some industry leaders invest heavily in advertising to create demand and maintain sales. Some companies choose to market themselves in other possible ways without spending an enormous fortune on promotions. Now, compare Pepsi…

. Run WordPress on Nginx Server

. AWS Lightsail instance with NGINX using AWS CLI

. Run a subdomain in wordpress

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